SlugSites FAQ

How do I get a SlugSite? Who is eligible to use this service?

Anyone with a CruzID can create a site by simply clicking the “Create New Site” button on the home page.

Are there limitations about how many sites I can make?

Yes, you can only have one WordPress site.

What will my URL be?[yourcruzid]

Can I install my own plugins and themes?

No, there are over a hundred already installed themes and plugins that should cover all of your needs. If you’re not seeing what you need, simply click the “Need Help?” button in the lower right-hand corner of your dashboard.

How do I change the theme for my site?

To change the theme of your WordPress site, simply us the Appearance > Themes area of your dashboard. Use the Help Center area of the dashboard for more detailed information.

Can I migrate my existing website?

We are encouraging people to move their site from TO this new SlugSites service. Moving your website probably means creating a new WordPress website and then copying and pasting the content from the old site to the new one. If your current site is a WordPress site, you can export and then import your site in the Tools section. CampusPress will be able to offer assistance if needed. Simply click the “Need Help?” button.

What happens to my site when I leave UC Santa Cruz?

Your site will remain active until you contact CampusPress to archive it but once your CruzID becomes inactive, you will no longer have access to edit your site. You should export your site prior to leaving UC Santa Cruz.